Website Maintenance Service

Our premium website maintenance package to keep your website fresh, fast, and up to date.

A WordPress maintenance service is critical for your online success if you intend to turn your website into a converting marketing tool.

WordPress Website Maintenance Services

Plugins Installation/Updates

We will update the features added to your website to keep it running smoothly and reduce the risk of hacking.

Core WordPress CMS and Template Update

Keeps WP core CMS software, the site design and functionality updated and aligned with official and third-party plugins up to date for better speed and higher search engine ranking opportunities.

Regular Security Update

We ensure there is no security leakage that will make your website an easy target to hackers.

Downtime Monitor

With an effective downtime monitor, we get notified once your website goes down, and we will respond and get your website back up as fast as possible.

Google Analytics Setup

We set up Google Analytics to give us valuable information about your website such as website traffic, sources, errors, visitors behaviour, conversion rates, and much more.

Google Search Console

We set up Google Search Console to get invaluable information relating to your website and ranking.

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